Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals!

Crazy Crafts and Cover Reveals! My goodness, you are a crafty lot, aren't you? In a recent email, I revealed my big oops making the Gigi Hadid coat, and so many of you emailed me back with: Lots of really good tips on how to avoid such a disaster in the future, and. Requests to

Historical Romance Cover Reveal!

Historical Romance Cover Reveal! I got an email from a reader in Thailand the other day. She says that the street of Bangkok, which used to be permanently log-jammed with traffic, are now empty. The smog has lifted, too. It’s not just Times Square. We really are a global village now, aren’t we? I’ve got

HOSTAGE CRISIS released, but price goes up very soon.

Last Thursday, Hostage Crisis, officially hit the shelves.  It is book 3 of the Vistaria Has Fallen series.  The series is military romantic suspense, with a distinct Latin American flare, for it takes place on a fictional island nation, Vistaria, off the coast of Mexico.  So there's lots of Latino soldiers and heroes to be found in

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Mentally Absent For A Bit.

This post was originally scheduled for Saturday, to let you know that by the time you read it I would be on a plane for Australia, in a dash to see my father, who was seriously ill. Dad passed away this morning, MST. I'm still getting on the plane and heading to Australia to help

My Book Series

The series and trilogies page where I've listed all my paranormals, urban fantasies, romantic suspense, etc., and grouped them into their proper series...well, I've just done a massive reorganization, which includes adding future titles and series. Also, I've updated the New Releases page to include the projects I'm intended to work upon next.  There's a

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