Is Your Favourite Series Coming Up?

  Since switching to 100% indie publishing, I have done two things consistently (apart from writing a lot of books!): I have planned a schedule of book releases for two years out. I haven't shared that plan with readers. There are a lot of reasons why I don't share, even though I get peppered with

I Hate Cliffhangers!

This article is over 3,000 words long.  I first considered chopping it up into a series, but given the subject matter, I reconsidered.  Instead, I am offering it as a booklet that can be downloaded and read on your ereader.  Click here to download.  (You will be asked to subscribe to my blog.) Tracy. PS: 

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How I Number Series…and Why.

I've received a couple of emails lately from readers who are tripping over the numbering system in my series.  I admit that if you've never seen that sort of series numbering before -- I call it digital numbering -- it can look a little strange, but there are very good reasons for numbering the series

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My Book Series

The series and trilogies page where I've listed all my paranormals, urban fantasies, romantic suspense, etc., and grouped them into their proper series...well, I've just done a massive reorganization, which includes adding future titles and series. Also, I've updated the New Releases page to include the projects I'm intended to work upon next.  There's a