This post was originally scheduled for Saturday, to let you know that by the time you read it I would be on a plane for Australia, in a dash to see my father, who was seriously ill.

Dad passed away this morning, MST.

I’m still getting on the plane and heading to Australia to help out my mum for a couple of weeks, which is the reason for this post.

I have posts scheduled for weeks yet, so you’ll continue to see several posts a week, but I’m not certain about internet access or what time I’ll have to spare in Australia, so replying to comments and emails could be sporadic, if it happens at all.

I’ve managed to get Ningaloo Nights produced and released, but as for the rest of the year’s schedule:  There are no guarantees now.  I’ll do my best to keep to the advertised release dates.  (Check under “Books->New & Upcoming Releases” if you’d like to refresh your memory.)

On the other hand, for the last ten days while I’ve been waiting to get on the plane, writing has been a sanity-preserving escape for a few hours a day.  It’s possible that production of books will continue unabated.

Time will tell.