Pirates, Highlanders and Historical Personages.

Monday’s Facebook Live session nearly didn’t happen.

When you get your “I’m live in 30 minutes” warning, I also get a copy. Guess where I was when my phone dinged me?

I was 15km away from home, shopping with my Mum, who returns to Australia tomorrow morning.

That was the fastest drive back home on icy roads I’ve ever pulled off. 🙂

It happened because I’m still in vacation mode. As I get back to work at the end of this week, it shouldn’t happen again.

But it was a great FB session, anyway.

We chatted about romances we just don’t see anymore, including Gothics (hint: check out Degree of Solitude), including my all-time favourite Gothic romance, Rebecca. Kathi kindly dug up a link to the full movie on YouTube, if you’ve never seen it. It’s hereRebecca stars Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine and it’s well worth a look.

We also talked about romances we don’t see enough of. Audrey said she likes romances that have real historical figures in them. So do I. Nicholas and Alexandra were mentioned, along with (sort of) historical figures King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood.

The discussion meandered into romances I’m contemplating writing this year, which includes a return of science fiction romance (The Endurance series), more Kiss Across Time, much more Scandalous Scions, which has four more books left in the series, more of the King Arthur series, Once and Future Hearts, more of the Project Kobra romantic spy thriller series. Also, the launch of a new historical romance series, this one featuring pirates…but realistic pirates, and possibly featuring a female pirate or two (as there were one or two female pirate kings in history).

The one that really threw me a bit was a request from more than one reader that I “do another Highlander romance”.

It took me a second to think of what highlander romance I’ve done in the past…then I remembered. Bannockburn Binding is technically a highlander romance, as it features a highlander in one of the lead roles. I just never thought of it that way before.

However, the request came with the proviso that I write a realistic highlander romance, properly researched.

Ah…research! One of my favourite words.

You can catch the replay of the session here on Facebook and here on YouTube.

Next week

Next week’s FB Live will be a bit more structured…I hope. It’s fun when you all chat with each other and with me, and I love when the discussions go off on unexpected tangents, so even if I plan what the session should include, there’s never any guarantee that’s what will happen!

But next week, I will talk about print versus ebooks, and how to maximize your book collection.

Those of you who think you know what my opinion is about ebooks and print books are in for a surprise.

See you there!

Do ​you​ have romance novels you want to read that you can’t find anymore?  Or romance novels you’d love to read, that haven’t been ever written?  Leave a comment and tell me about them!  


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5 thoughts on “Pirates, Highlanders and Historical Personages.”

      1. WHAT !!! Can’t believe it; I mean it’s love, hate, and ghost. Great story, but didn’t like the newer versions

        1. I *have* read plot summaries and the fact that it ends badly (that is, it isn’t a true romance) and the two of them treat each other so badly…it makes me reluctant to read it.

          I feel very much the same way about Gone With The Wind, too. It’s not a happy ending.


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