Christmas Cookie and Recipe Swap

Monday's Facebook Live included a recipe swap of international holiday-time traditional and favourite recipes. I've included several of them below -- they were donated by the readers who attended the session, and they're from all over the world. Before we got to the recipes, though, we covered a few other aspects, including drooling over Audrey's

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Reading More Books, Keeping Your FitBit Happy, and more.

Monday's Facebook live session was a doozy. 1) Comments worked!  I cannot tell you how awkward it felt, the week before, when I couldn't see everyone's comments. I had not realized how much the FB live sessions were a two-way street until then. So I was very relieved when the first comment showed up. (I think that

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What I Bought Lately.

I don't usually go on spending sprees but lately, I have been dropping a few dollars (which is quite a few dollars in Canadian currency) on some stuff you might find interesting. Come and check out my stash at 2pm MST this Monday, on Facebook Live -- I'll host the video on my author page. I'll

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I Survived!

  I didn't melt, either. It took me 24 hours to recover--huge munchies and biiiiig sleep, afterwards! Yes, I survived my first Facebook Live session!  Click here to see the replay. I will be running the sessions every Monday from now on.  If you'd like to download and save an appointment for them to your

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I’m Live on Facebook This Monday.

Did you know more than fifty percent of the adult population fears public speaking more than dying? People would rather die than stand up and speak aloud to a group. Yeah, that's not me. Know what makes ME want to break out in hives? Point a camera at me. Yeah, I can do anything in public

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