For four years, I have been writing a monthly indie publishing column over at Night Owl Reviews.

On December 1, 2016, I published the last column there, called “Not the END”.  There were a number of reasons I halted the column there (although it is always possible someone else will pick it up and take it forward).  Chief among those many reasons is that a single, monthly, small-word-count column doesn’t let me do justice to the huge topics that indie publishing engenders.

I will be picking up some of those very large topics that I have always wanted to tackle and exploring them here in my site, and in books, too.  Consider the vast subjects like copyright laws, contracts and contractors, multiple streams of income, book packaging, promotion, marketing, productivity, business strategies, pricing….

The four years’ worth of columns have all been indexed and linked to on the article page for writers, here.

If there are any subjects you’d like to see developed more completely, let me know!


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