Mash – July 7, 2014


A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately.

Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs

This is a wildly inspirational post for any indie author, anywhere.

If you’re not an author, it’s still fascinating reading — right up there with the posts.

If you thought indie publishing was a fad, or that only a very few authors were doing well with it — or even if you thought every indie author was raking it in — then the comments on this blog will open your eyes.

And yes, I waded in, too.

Aimee Runs With Scissors

I’m having a wild love affair with soutache jewellery at the moment.  I just love, love, love it — it appeals to my drama queen personality.

Check out some of the best pieces right here.

LEGO figures make perfect cable holders.

They really, really do!  You have to click through to the post and check out the picture.  So cute!

LEGO Millennium Falcon

…and because I thought it would be super cool for me in particular to have a LEGO Han Solo holding my cords for me, I went browsing to see if LEGO made him…and they did!  Including the Millennium Falcon!  And Han is even holding his precious blaster.

Am I a geek, or what, huh?


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