Sick. Ugh.

Young Woman Blowing Her Nose in BedSo much for catching up on blog posts.  There’s a nasty cold/flu/bug thing going around, and despite eating super-healthy and working out, I’m the only one in my office that seems to have caught the damned thing.

I was so out of it today (day 3) that I dragged my sorry ass into work, thinking that there would be so much stuff I really had to catch up with, and that I couldn’t stay at home — all while my head was buzzing and I was getting hot and cold sweats and shivers — only to arrive at work and get an amazed look from the admin assistant.  “But…it’s your earned day off!”

I haven’t been near a computer for two days, for Google Calendar or Outlook to tell me that.   D’uh….

So I dragged myself back home again, and I’ve been sitting on the couch, trying to be at least half-way human and stay vertical.

Regularly scheduled, interesting content-ladened posts will have to start again next week.

On the positive side, I lost four pounds through not eating, and I read a lot of books when I wasn’t sleeping.


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