My Life/Working Notes – The Hobbit + The Vistaria Affair Series

the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-I’m completely behind primarily because I finally got to see The Hobbit on Sunday.

My daughter, Kate, and I went to the local cinema complex to check out Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman.  I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see/hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s rolling baritone this installment, but one small surprise bonus for me was to see Aidan Turner as Kili.  He’s the Irish actor who plays Mitchell in Being Human, which I am totally hooked on at the moment.

It’s been a long while since I went to the cinema on a regular basis, but since Christmas I’ve been three times, and I’ve become extremely conscious of just how much time going to a movie can suck up.  It’s a nice social occasion (and a great date night if you’re still figuring each other out and conversation can stutter to a stop…or you want it to), but when time is an expensive commodity, movie-going, compared to staying at home to watch them is highly uneconomic.

Aidan Turner -- Being Human
Aidan Turner as Mitchell in the BBC series BEING HUMAN

Just getting there, when it’s 20 below (Celsius), and there’s no parking for five hundred meters around the cinema, is an exercise in logistics.  Then you have to line up for twenty minutes to get tickets, then line up for another hour to get a seat in the auditorium itself, if you want a half-way decent seat.

So you’re already at ninety minutes, plus travel time to the cinema, and the pre-show ads haven’t even started yet.  That’s another thirty minutes before the film itself starts.  So, two hours, plus travel time, then The Hobbit is a three-hour movie.  That’s a whole afternoon and into the evening by the time I dropped Kate at home and arrived home myself.

I will spend all week catching up on the washing, the cooking, the dishes, the folding and the cleaning and other sundry tasks I didn’t do yesterday, including blog posts.

Aidan Turner - Kili -- The Hobbit
Aidan Turner as Kili in THE HOBBIT

But it was nice to see Kate and the movie was great.  😉


On Saturday, I did get some real work done, though.  I finally got the last of the first three Vistaria Affair Series books released.

Blue Knight by Tracy Cooper-Posey Blue Knight is now up and available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, and will slowly start to populate at Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, Diesel, etc.  It is also available in paperback.

Black Heart, the second of the series, I released last weekend.  It is also available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords, and by now has already started to pop up at Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo and Diesel, etc.  It is also available in paperback.

Here’s the blurbs to entice you:


Facing the heart of the enemy.

Vistaria is controlled by the insurrectos and chaos reigns.

Minerva Benning (Minnie) is the only one who believes her beloved Duardo still lives and can’t convince anyone to help her find him. Nicolás Escobedo, the bastard half-brother of Vistaria’s assassinated president, is too busy trying to win back his country.  Calli, Minnie’s cousin and Nick’s lover, is busy learning to be the partner of a national leader.

When Minnie attempts to find Duardo herself she is captured by Zalaya, the head of the insurrecto’s intelligence and security.  Zalaya is a cool-headed man of secrets and strong appetites that he indulges fully with Minnie.  Despite the eye patch and cane, Zalaya looks like Duardo — especially at night when Zalaya coaxes Minnie to indulge herself with him.  Chained to his bed, she sees Zalaya’s control over Serrano, the leader of the insurrectos, crumble.  As the danger surrounding both of them grows, Zalaya’s manipluations and Minnie’s quest collide…and the results are fatal.


A game of seduction where a mistake means death.

Black Heart by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Held hostage by the insurrectos for weeks and forgotten by the world, Olivia has watched Daniel bed every women but her, who he can’t see. Daniel lives dangerously and is forced to use her window one night to avoid the guards. Naked and faced with a long-legged woman who doesn’t want him, his curiosity is piqued.

Under the hostile, suspicious gazes of the guards they begin a game of heated seduction where the stakes are so high, no one, not even their fellow hostages, must suspect there is a connection between them.  As Daniel teaches her how to defy the guards the tension between them, both sexual and personal, spirals until it threatens to shatter.

Olivia learns that Daniel is not quite who she thought he was. Now she is fighting for Daniel’s life, too, for if the insurrectos find out who he really is, then the man she has come to love will be instantly executed….


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  1. It’s true movies take up a lot of time. But if you go to the Ultra AVX version – which has reserved seating – and buy your tickets online in advance, you can skip both the lineup to buy tickets and having to arrive early enough to ensure good seats. The Hobbit in high frame rate Ultra AVX 3D is also an amazing experience. Beyond all that, I guess it just depends where your priorities are in terms of time and money. I’m completely obsessed with movies in general and with Thorin and Co. in particular… I’ve seen The Hobbit 6 times already. 😉

    1. Six times!!!? Wow! I thought I was a LOTR freak.

      I’ll have to keep the Ultra AVX thing in mind. I’m not sure if they have that at my local cinema, but I should check.

      Good tip. Thanks.

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