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I’m always amused by readers who think I only write erotic paranormal romances. I received a number of emails from readers in response to last week’s post, expressing surprise to learn I write (and have always written) romantic suspense as well.

As this month is a romantic suspense kind of a month, I thought I’d follow up with another “Surprise!”.

Did you know that not everything I write belongs to a series?

I have a large number of books that are stand-alone titles. Because readers tend to prefer to read in series (especially those of you who consume books the way I drink tea), these stand-alone books are often passed over and ignored. Over the years, as the number of stand-alones have built up, I’ve taken to gathering them in related groups, and calling those groups “collections”. You can find a complete list of my collections here [link].

However, in keeping with the romantic suspense theme of the last couple of weeks, I wanted to draw your attention to the Go Get ’em Women collection.

There are currently four romantic suspense titles in the collection:

Delly’s Last Night
Ningaloo Nights
The Royal Talisman
Vivian’s Return

All of them but Vivian’s Return are novellas (i.e. just shy of being a novel). Also, all of them but Vivian’s Return have a high erotic content. Ningaloo Nights in particular is seething hot (and not just because of the Australia-in-summer setting).

If you’re a reader who likes to read everything an author has written in a genre, then you might like to catch up with these four.

It’s entirely possible that one day soon I’ll add another couple of titles to the collection, too. A thrilling tale, devoid of padding and extended sub-plots can make for very tight, fast story-telling! They’re also enormous fun to write.

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