Romance Related Sites – Updated.

romance crownsI’ve had a blog roll collecting since I started running my own site. That’s over ten years now.

In 2011 I added categories for various romance related sites, along with a few criteria to keep the list manageable.

The list has grown so freaking long now that had I kept it in the sidebar, you’d have to scroll and scroll right past any of the content on the left.

So I’ve removed all the Romance related categories and created a page all for themselves.  Let’s call it my expanded Blog Roll.

The criteria for inclusion on the list have now been reduced to three:

1. Helps support Romance fiction in some way (reviews, news, etc).

2. Open to erotic romance in all its various forms.

3.  Open to and supports indie authors.

This list, as always, is a work in progress.  I’ve just updated it but so far, I’m up to the “K”s.  It’s a big list.  I’ll keep working at it as time goes by.

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