Heading Off For A Bit.

I’ve been keeping a blog for over a decade, on an off.  The older posts were lost to site moves, although many of them were saved as articles, which you can find on the Articles pages.  I’ve blogged about heart-stopping heroes, annual events and anything historical that tickled my fancy.

I’ve also had hiatuses, where I’ve stopped for a short or even a long while, but I always end up back here.

For now, the blog is going to hibernate for a while.  I don’t know how long.  I have a dozen different projects and ideas for books and series and sets, that I can’t get to while trying to juggle things like blog posts and a very busy newsletter.  So for now, the newsletter will continue on (subscribe here, if you would like to be kept up to date on those projects).

I will leave the blog in place, with this post at the top, so readers who find their way here via the many high-traffic posts won’t end up on the 401 error code page.  As time permits, I will also add the information and/or interesting blog posts into my articles pages, too.

If you are only subscribed to my blog and not the newsletter, you may want to swap over.  Click on this link and subscribe.


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