G’day, Mate, I’m Canadian!…Eh!

IMG_0488I received a surprise letter in the snail mail box last week — my Canadian citizenship application was granted and I was to swear my oath on December 18th.

This was a surprise because the process had been super-fast.  Most citizenship applications take 18 months to work their way through the system, but I applied in early 2015, and here I was, at the end of it, being naturalized.

The other nice thing about the letter was the date of the swearing-in ceremony, which would take place while my mum was here.

So I took my oath of citizenship on Friday afternoon.  I am now officially an Australian Canadian…and I have a certificate that says so.  🙂

Since 2002, Australia has been allowing dual citizenship with countries that permit it, too.  So I get the double whammy to fill in every time I reach the field that asks for my nationality.  🙂  It’s a bit like my last name:  There’s never enough room in the box to fit it all in!

From now on, thanks to the NAFTA Agreement, I no longer have to be photographed and fingerprinted every time I visit the US.  That will be nice!




6 thoughts on “G’day, Mate, I’m Canadian!…Eh!”

  1. That’s super terrific, so happy for you and that your Mom was there as well. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Tracy, how wonderful!!! My family and I spent three of some of the best years of our lives living in Toronto, so I’m just the tiniest bit envious. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

    1. Thanks Margaret!

      I also, purely by coincidence, ended up living in the best province in Canada — not that I am biased at all, but the Canadian Rockies are really hard to argue with!



  3. Congratulations!!!

    Welcome from a fellow Canadian. I love that our countries allow you to maintain a dual citizenship. What a change of weather for you for sure! My cousin has done the opposite and found the love of her life down under.

    Congratulations again!

    1. Hi Brandi:

      I *love* winter here. I used to suffer through Australian summers, which seemed to last all year long. And I love and adore wearing boots and coats and hats and gloves….

      Where is your cousin living now? Bet it’s not on my side of Australia! (very few people go there!)



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