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Working Notes – September 26: Blood Stone

I’ve been getting a huge number of hits on the site lately for Brian Austin Green, and the role he played in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  People are reading my rave review about him as a romantic hero.  I find that promising as Green is my inspiration for one of the heroes in the […]

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So you may have wondered about the abrupt and echoing silence that has been my major form of communication for a while. Chirping crickets have been louder, I know. There are generally two reasons that bloggers go silent — either they’ve suddenly discovered that blogging is really hard  and they lose interest in it.  Posts

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Working Notes – July 4. Blood Knot II

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you already know that my writing and publishing schedule has taken a short detour. Blood Knot has suddenly become hugely popular.  Last week it was #262 on Amazon’s Most Popular Vampire Romance chart.  As I write this post it has moved up to #257.  Considering that Amazon have 3,175

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