BETH’S ACCEPTANCE — Not out yet.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00030]Beth’s Acceptance was supposed to be released yesterday.  I’ve been fighting the good fight since the early hours of yesterday morning to get it published.

Despite uploading the real book and changing the price to $2.99 a whole twenty-four hours before the release date, Amazon have failed to change the book’s live retail page.

They are citing “technical difficulties” — and promised me the book would re-load in twelve hours. That was 24 hours ago.

Alas, WordPress got the jump on me and published the post saying that BETH’S ACCEPTANCE was out, so I need to put this temporary hold post in place explaining to everyone who clicks through to find it why the book isn’t there yet.

I’ve done everything I can.  I’m reduced to sitting here and waiting for them to press the button or do whatever they need to do for the book to refresh. Please be patient!

I’ll announce when the book (finally) goes live.



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