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I am a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, a group of SFR authors.  There’s a blog, by the way, if you haven’t found it yet: In July, there will be a SFR blog hop coordinated by the Brigade…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Suffice to say, the Brigade are always doing something interesting.

The current thing of interest is a series of Portals books that are available on all booksellers for free.  Here’s the Brigade’s blurb:

The Portals Are Opening!

The members of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade are pleased to announce the launch of our Portals project–four free volumes of great beginnings of fantastic stories by forty different authors!

If you love science fiction romance, this is your gateway to discovering new authors, bestsellers, and perennial favorites.

If you’re new to science fiction romance, this is the perfect way to try out a fantastic sampling of a wide range of science fiction romance stories by talented authors

Through these Portals, you’ll find something for every sci-fi romance reader’s whim, from the sweet to the supernova-sexy, and stories with a light touch of science to stories informed by the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs in the hard sciences.

Start reading today in Volume One: a collection of introductions to stories with a hearty sizzle, followed by sister Portals in supernova-hot and blush-sweet!


I have a chapter in the Portals 5 book, which will be coming out in a while (they’re still working on #4).  I’ll let you know when that one is out, but in the meantime, you can help yourself to the first three.  Details on the Portals site.



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