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  1. Moira

    even if you did, he is definitely worth the repeat and another. I husband anticipates anything with Hugh Jackman simply because even though its an action flick, I’ll cuddle when Jackman is in the movie. No romances here, unless its a comedy when it comes to movies. Books on the other hand are a whole new ballgame and all bets are off.

    • Hi Moira:

      Jackman is very easy on the eyes, isn’t he? I saw a documentary about him and the movies he’s made playing Wolverine. He does a lot of his own stunts, apparently.

      I must build a character inspired by him and Wolverine, one day….



  2. Wolverine is the alpha and the omega of the whole franchise. I remember the end of the first movie when he kisses Anna Paquin. Yowza!

    Jackman has never done a character better. (Well, I haven’t seen Le Mis, so…) I’m glad he gets how awesome he is in this role.

    • Hi Madeline:

      He was inspired casting, wasn’t he?

      I confess, I’m still holding out on Les Mis., too. I like uplifting stories, like romances, and I’ve been warned it’s dark, dark, dark.



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