Pulse Pause Moments – Castle & Beckett

I’m having a wild fling with Castle at the moment, so it’s natural that my mind instantly turns to this pulse pause moment I saw in a Season 3.  I spoke about my temporary love affair with the show recently.

I can’t explain the photo or the moment without laying down minor spoilers for the episode’s scene.  You’ve been warned.  But it’s worth having the scene spoiled to read about the delicious moment, if you’ve never seen it, and mentally make a note to catch up with Castle soon (and the gorgeous Nathan Fillion…0h, yes, and the drop dead beautiful Stana Katic – all 5’9″ of her plus her sexy stilletos.)

There has been a romantic sub-text to the show all along.  Everyone around the pair have been expecting them to get together forever.  But there’s history and back-issues and things about each others’ characters that make them both extremely cautious about getting involved with each other despite the bone-deep attraction.  Nothing has ever been said about so much as even dating or having a coffee together.  It’s all been strictly business…on the surface.

This pulse pause moment was actually an “under cover” set up.  They were trying to fool a warehouse guard so they could get closer to the building, so they were acting like a drunk couple at the end of a date.  But Beckett, the cop, was sure it wasn’t working, and went for her gun (her usual response).

For the first time in their history of working together, Castle takes control of the situation despite her being the professional in charge.  He knocks her hand away (you can see she’s holding it out in the photo), grabs her and spins her to face him.  She’s stunned.  He grabs her face and kisses her.  Now she’s beyond stunned.  The shock on her face is mixed with so many emotions…you can see that temporarily she has totally forgotten about the guard they’re trying to get around.  She throws herself at Castle and they…well “kiss” is such a mild word.  It’s a doozy of a kiss.  There’s no pretending, anymore.  This one is real as real gets.  The guard relaxes and starts to walk away, grinning.

I won’t spoil the actual storyline and what happens next, because that was all I wanted to share with you.  That pulse-stopping kiss.  All the emotions running through the scene.  All the major “firsts” that happened inside fifteen seconds.

Wow, it was good.

Hope it’s good for you, too! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Pulse Pause Moments – Castle & Beckett”

  1. Totally agree, fantastic kiss. You hear the word ‘chemistry’ bandied about an awful lot, but that show has it in spades! It’s not only the two leads either. Everyone on that show works so well together, it is a complete pleasure to watch.

    1. Hi Mel:

      True, the rest of the cast work very well, too. It’s a shame about the Season Three ending (which I won’t spoil here). BTW, I like your site — very clean and neat!



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