What I’m Reading – August 9, 2012

Given the turmoil of my personal life right now, what is sitting on my various reading devices shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Well, some of it might.

I’m flipping between titles on Kindle at the moment.  The one I’m most dying to sink my teeth into is Drinking With Dead Women Writers by Elaine Ambrose and AK Turner.  Women writers of the last two centuries have had to build characters of cast iron and steel in order to forge literary careers while still maintaining respectable places in society — and sometimes not.  The book is a series of fictional get-togethers over drinks with some of these writers… You can see why it would be interesting.

The other is pure fiction (although the first is pure fiction, but it’s not really story telling) – The Loyal Heart is part of The Noble Hearts series by Merry Farmer, an historical that promises a heroine that slashes her way around with a knife and sword.  I can’t wait.

On my FBReader, I’m cruising through From Idea to Story in 90 Seconds: A Writer’s PrimerI bought this from Fictionwise when it was still running, and keep reading through every now and again.  It’s a delight.  Not that I really need more story ideas.  I have a publishing schedule that stretches for the next five years at least.

And I’m a very happy camper right now.  Sony have released a Sony Reader for Android (along with a few other platforms), so finally, after years of sitting on the shelf collecting virtual dust, all the DRM protected books I once bought via my old and very dead Sony Reader and could only read via the Acrobat Digital Reader on my desktop computer, I can now read on my cellphone.  Bliss!

I have returned to my positive guru:  Wayne Dyer.  Your Erroneous Zones (No, that’s NOT what it says, read the title again!), You’ll See It When You Believe Itand Excuses Begone!  I’m still waiting to acquire an ecopy of Real Magic, which was one of my staples, back in the nineties, and one of three books I brought with me from Australia.  Dyer pre-dates a lot of the neuro-linguistic programming experts that have popped up like mushrooms these days.  He was the first runaway best seller in the field.







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