Tash from Confessions of Romaholics – Say Hi For a Chance To Win

Today I have guest blogger, Tash, owner of the new romance blog, Confessions from Romaholics.  And she’s an Australian, so she’s very cool.  🙂  

Find out more about Confessions and also how to win a copy of Byzantine Heartbreak:


Thanks for guesting on my blog today, Tash. I know you’re busy with the launch of your brand new site – it’s just ten days old today.

How did the launch go?

Great! It was exciting to see all the hard work paid off. We built the new site from scratch, we chose the new name, colors, everything. Our previous blog wasn’t that original in name. In fact, the original reviewer who went by the review name ‘Fashionta’ chose it when she was setting it up and the rest is history and we never bothered to change it.

Why did you decide to launch Confessions From Romaholics? And what will happen to Booked Up?

We decided to launch Confessions so we could open ourselves up to more opportunities that we were restricted by in not having a self-hosted site. This way, for example, the site can be open to accepting print books, which is a big plus for me as reviewers couldn’t accept these before and this allowed us to be more creative in the development of the blog design. Booked UP will be still there as an archive, but we won’t be posting there anymore.

What is the primary theme of the site? What sort of readers and sub-genres are you focusing on, if any?

The primary theme of the site is all genres of YA and romance with special focus on erotica. We hope that this way we reach a wide range of readers and that there will be something for everyone at Confessions. Most of the reviewers will focus only on certain genres and categories but there are a couple of us who review everything.

What is the intention of Confessions from Romaholics? Are you going to present only or primarily reviews? Or will you be offering contests, guest blogs and other features? What can readers expect to find when they visit?

We hope to do all sorts of things. We will present reviews each day but we have already had a few guest posts, interviews from a few authors and we hope to continue these in the future. Our readers can always expect to find reviews of upcoming books in our favourite genres, as well as giveaways from our favorite publishers and authors.

What are the unique features of Confessions from Romaholics? What makes you stand out from other romance genre blog sites?

Unique features would include the number of reviewers and that we only review for this site. Most of the other sites that have the same number of reviewers allow their reviewers to review for other sites. We will have all our reviewers under one proverbial hood.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get into the romance blogging business?

I’m a twenty-something gal from Australia who grew up loving books. In my early teens I got hooked on Christian romances courtesy of my school library as I went to a religious school. From there I started to discover Harlequin Presents which is known here as Mills and Boon. Soon I outgrew the singularity of reading only their publications and discovered all the genres of romance and the rest is history.  Therefore, it was a natural progression for me to start a blog. Booked Up started last September and I knew the people running it and I thought ‘why don’t we merger’ and we soon started working together to open the blog to new opportunities which will benefit all.

Is there anything else about Confessions from Romaholics that you want to share with readers?

We would enjoy having more people who love reading us much we do join us. So comment away if you see reviews from your favorite authors or anything that interests you 😀


Thanks for guesting here today, Tash. I’m going to open the discussion up to comments and questions.

Also, as previously posted, I’m offering a copy of Byzantine Heartbreak as a door prize. Entry is simple:

  • Leave a comment for one entry.
  • Tweet this blog post for a second entry (mention you tweeted in your comment).
  • Share on Facebook for a third entry (mention you shared in your comment).

The contest will stay open until midnight Wednesday, August 15th, and the winner will be announced on Thursday, August 16th.

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  1. Tash, it’s great to have you here today. I know you’re in Australia and the time difference means you’re probably asleep right now, but still, it was nice of you to stop by!



  2. wow Tracy, What a special treat another Aussie you know you guys ought to be passing around the Tim Tams right?
    Good Luck with your new blog Tasha I’ll be stopping by to check you out

    1. Mmmm…. Tim Tams! I can’t!! Not right now! Damn! I’m doing Atkins right now, and they’re verboten. But just the name is making my mouth water…

      THanks for stopping by, Gail!


      1. I love TimTams normally but I’m off them at the moment . I lost interest in them after trying the poor old white Tim Tams.
        I hope to see you there Gail 🙂

        1. They’ve got a white one out now? I can only get original Tim Tams and caramel ones here in Edmonton — it’s the two flavours they export to Canada. When I was in Perth last year I got to try the dark chocolate and mint ones…oh my!

          And now my mouth is watering uncontrollably. Nope, must stay strong. I’ve dropped two more pounds overnight after being on a bit of a plateau for about ten days, so I can’t break now…

  3. Tasha, wonderful job on Confessions! I look forward to stopping in and checking out the reviews by you and your reviewers!

  4. Beautiful new blog! I can’t wait to see what comes up. I tweeted this as well thanks, Carin

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