What I’m Reading

We’re in the dog days of renovations at the moment – I don’t get to read much at all, except for odd nights when we just can’t move anymore, and we go to bed early to read. (Translation: stare at the book for thirty seconds while the words blur, then wake up a few hours later with our readers face down and tangled up in the blankets.)

So I’ve got quite a few different books on the go:

novel from middleWrite Your Novel From the Middle

James Scott Bell

Great plotting aid for pantsers, plotters and hybrids. Loved this. I’m on my second read-through, and highlighting madly.

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Nick Stephenson

Fiction! Fresh fiction! Something I haven’t read before! Haven’t actually started this one, yet, but it’s at the top of the reader and beckoning…. (I admit, the cover had a lot to do with grabbing this one.)

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primalThe Primal Connection

Mark Sisson

We converted to paleo over a year ago. The Primal Blueprint, the first of Sisson’s manifestos, has been in my library for nearly as long. This is a follow-up title.

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inspirationInstant Inspiration Quotes on Writing

Charyl A Craigie

A very short read, but always interesting.

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hcHeinleinGrumblesGrumbles From the Grave

Rober A. Heinlein, Virginia Heinlein

Another interesting read, but not nearly as short. This book was published postumously, and compiled by Heinlein’s widow from what she describes as acres of paperwork, letters, and other records.

It’s a fascinating peep into the publishing industry in its heydays, before ebooks came along and turned everything on its head.

It’s also a very interesting glimpse into the life of a very popular author, and the problems and issues fame can create.

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Stephen King

Firestarter is on my top five King novels list, but the read-through isn’t as compelling as I originally remember the book being (despite, back then, reading it multiple times). I can’t put my finger on what has changed. But I’m still enjoying the story enough not to put the book aside. That’s not something I can say about a lot of authors.

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