I don’t know about you, but I use Wikipedia all the freaking time.  It’s great for quick fact checks, it never out-dates* like a printed encyclopedia would, and it always scratches my rather large and eclectic curiousity.

So when I tripped over the fact that it was International Wikipedia Day today, I just had to give the resource a salute.

I don’t know what they do for International Wikipedia Day, but hitting the home page and browsing for a moment might be something.  Click on the “Random Entry” link and see what you get (tell me if it was good, in comments below!)

You might also be interested in the history of Wikipedia — that is, if you’re weird like me and enjoy cool factoids.  (Don’t laugh…you think some of the stuff on that page won’t show up in a story somewhere down the line?)

Or, you might donate a dollar or two to their coffers, as a thank you and a measure of the usefulness of Wikipedia in your life.


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[* Carrie Fisher’s date of death was entered onto her page within hours of the news being released, for example.]


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