Roundup: Time Travel

January is Time Travel month here on the blog, which mysteriously coincides with the release of Celtic Crossing in a couple of weeks – book 5 and the last book in the Beloved Bloody Time series.

I thought I would bring forward some of the time travel posts I’ve written over the years, to whet your appetite.  😉

Why Vampires and Ménage and Time Travel?

8 Warning Signs You Are Addicted to Time Travel Romance

The 9 Laws of Time Travel in Romances

Time Travels – A Cheat’s Way Of Sneaking In The Unpopular Eras

“Where’s the DeLorean?” – Time Travel Devices v’s Just Being There

All Of Time And The Whole World, Too

That’s a pretty decent collection — particularly as I try not to rattle on about time travel and history too much!

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