…and you DID Ask!

...and you DID Ask! The new time slot for Monday's Facebook Live seems to work quite well. There were some great questions! A new time slot and a grab bag of odd questions from readers, lately, plus any questions asked live. How weird will this get? Let's see! Index of Contents 1:12 News 7:47 Mailbag

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Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!)

Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!) Tomorrow, I'm switching things up for a bit. I often get emails expressing regret because the Facebook Live sessions are scheduled at a time when readers can't tune in live. As 2pm MDT on a weekday suits the majority of readers, in all time

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Ask Me Anything…Really, Anything (this time)

[flip_boxes columns="1" class="" id=""] [flip_box title_front="Click for Details!" title_back="Ask Me Anything!" text_front="" border_color="" border_radius="4px" border_size="1px" background_color_front="#c3aee2" title_front_color="#000000" text_front_color="" background_color_back="#8224e3" title_back_color="#ffffff" text_back_color="#ffffff" icon="fa-film" icon_color="#8224e3" circle="no"]Where: https://www.facebook.com/TracyCooperPosey/ When: Thursday, June 30 When: 9pm EST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST How: Make sure you "like" the FB page, then you'll be sent a notice when it starts![/flip_box] [/flip_boxes] Quick

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