…and you DID Ask!

The new time slot for Monday’s Facebook Live seems to work quite well. There were some great questions!

A new time slot and a grab bag of odd questions from readers, lately, plus any questions asked live. How weird will this get? Let’s see!

Index of Contents

1:12 News
7:47 Mailbag
9:08 Mark is a Professional Wrestler?
12.17 My Furbabies.
11.08 You’re Australian? Canadian?
17:10 How do you write so many books?
22:05 Travel Destinations?
24:57 What do you read for fun?
26:10 Game of Thrones!!
28:32 One at a Time, or Group?
31:21 When are you coming to xxx?

You can watch the replay on Facebook [link] or Youtube [link].

As Monday is Easter Monday, and a public holiday, I’ll hold over the next Facebook Live session to the Monday after that, for 6pm MDT, Monday, April 29, 2019.

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