Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!)

Change In Facebook Live session times and
Ask Me Anything (Really!)

Tomorrow, I’m switching things up for a bit. I often get emails expressing regret because the Facebook Live sessions are scheduled at a time when readers can’t tune in live. As 2pm MDT on a weekday suits the majority of readers, in all time zones anywhere, I could only promise that I would try a different schedule later on, once the Monday 2pm MDT schedule was established.

And so I am.

This Monday (April 15th), I’ll be streaming live on Facebook at 6pm MST. (Time zone converter here.)

As it’s quite likely the change in schedule will allow a whole different group of people to attend live, I won’t set the topic of the session, except to say that all questions, no matter how weird or personal, are allowed.

I’ve had a rash of emails with odd questions lately, that I’ll add to the pile, including:

– Is it true your husband was a professional wrestler? What was his stage name?

– What are your cats’ names?

– How many cats do you have?

– You’re Australian????

– Hang on, you’re Canadian????

– How do you get so many books written?

– When are you coming to xxxx?

If you’re bashful and don’t want to ask your question live in the comments stream, you can hit reply and ask your question now. I’ll add it to the pile, and answer all the questions, both live and email, on Monday night.

I look forward to chatting with everyone. Do come and say hello!

Last week’s FB Live:

Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords.

We love to adore the red-coated soldiers parading through our historical romances — just think of Rupert Friend in Pride & Prejudice, or the dashing military friends in Four Feathers.

But life in the military wasn’t fun. Not even for the officers.


  • 1:25 Ashes of Pride
  • 3:14 My Production Schedule
  • 4:40 The British Military Life

Here on Facebook and here on Youtube.


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