What I’m Reading – July 2

I finally got a new cellphone. Deep sigh of relief.

It’s an Android phone — the new Samsung HD 4G Galaxy S.  I chose it very deliberately for the width of the screen.  I shopped for a cellphone/reader.

The very first thing I did, once I had figured out what all the buttons did, was download reader software for all the various ebook formats I own, so I can read all my books on my cellphone and not have to swap over to any other device or (ugh.) my desktop or <sigh> my netbook.

I am now a very happy camper.

Although I haven’t been getting a whole heap of reading done just now — more on that in a minute.

On Kindle I’m…well, trying not to sound too narcissitic, I’m re-reading Blood Knot, because I’m writing the sequel.  Although I did just finish Dead Reckoning, the last in the southern vampire series by Charlaine Harris.

And in hardcover (yes, actual print!) I’m reading Onward by Howard Schultz, the special partners’ edition that every Starbucks employee received on the company’s 40th anniversary recently.

A lot of my reading time has been eaten up lately by (gasp!) television.  But not live television (wash your mouth out!).  I’ve been catching up with a series I’ve just discovered:  Castle.  Featuring a detective thriller writer who teams up with a tough female homocide cop to solve murders in New York City, the series has got everything: good looking stars, great story lines, a romantic sub-text that has me totally hooked, and story lines that don’t give everything away in the first twenty minutes.  I’m usually well ahead of the writer on cop shows, but not this one.  It’s the tail end of the episode before I nail it.  That means the writing is tight and good.   And yesterday I learned that both stars are Canadian…and Nathan Fillion, who plays Richard Castle, is from my home town, Edmonton.  Nah, I’m not biased at all!



2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – July 2”

  1. Isn’t Castle great? It is one of my favorite shows too. Just finished reading Charlaine’s, Dead Reckoning. I have to admit that I am kind of off Sookie lately, though this series is still one of my auto-buys. I’ve been hanging in there with True Blood. I’ve just learned to appreciate the series as a stand alone, and stopped comparing it to the books.

    1. Hi Cathy:

      I’m having a torrid affair with Castle, both the series and the character. Mentally, of course. 🙂 Castle is the first truly Beta hero I’ve really given a damn about. Mostly I go for the Alpha-in-disguise guys. About the only sour note in the series is Beckett’s occasional reference to Castle as a “metrosexual” — a term that makes me cringe and whimper. I hate it. It has all sorts of connotations and subtle put-downs.

      But for all that, the moments when Castle actually does show his macho side, I cheer loudly, too. Well, mentally cheer. 🙂

      Sookie…I’m hanging in there because there’s only one book left in the official series, and I really want the happy ending for her and Eric (I know, I’m an incurable romantic), so I want to see what happens. but I do feel, like you, that the series kinda slid off — somewhere around the end of Dead In the Family if you ask me. But the latter books have some wonderful explorations of theme and philosophy about immortality and the supernatural, so they have their good points, too. There’s some fabulous moments with Pam, Eric, and Sookie that I just lap up. I’ll keep buying them.

      PS: July 4 7.46am: I just watched the Castle Season 3 finale last night. Oh wow! Talk about a cliff hanger! I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit around until the entire Season 4 is done to find out what happens, like I do with other series…

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