ePub Reader Software For Cellphones & Tablets Compared.

For the longest time I have been using FBReader on my cellphone to read ePub formatted ebooks.  It was a fallback app I grabbed quickly when my Sony eReader died a couple of years ago, and I needed something to access all the books I'd had on the Sony. The last

Can’t Afford An eReader? How to Read eBooks Now…For Free

eReaders are tumbling in price, but they still represent an investment in money.  And there's the time commitment, too.   I don't know about you, but I dithered for weeks until I finally commited to the Sony reader and the ePub format. Meantime, you're still buying paperbacks that you will have to rebuy in ebook

The Reading Life – A New Trend in eReaders?

I've been feeling sort-of guilty for a few years now because I started reading electronically over ten years ago, first on my Palm Pilot, then on my cellphone.  Then, when dedicated e-readers emerged, I finally thought I'd better put my money where my profession lived, and buy one of the damned things. I didn't actually

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