Mark here. So, I’m about to leave for a three day wrestling road trip and Tracy’s getting ready. Having me on the road for three days means that she gets three days of uninterrupted writing time. And she wants to make the most of it. That means it’s time to clear the decks – get

Working Notes – My Life December 19

So Mark hits me with the news that he had to pick up some wrestler from the airport at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and because they're not heading to Red Deer for the evening's show until noon (Red Deer is only a couple of hours south of here), said wrestler would have to

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Working Notes – My Life, December 12

  Working Notes - My Life, December 12 I originally had this post scheduled for much earlier -- mid-November, actually.  But my writing brain suddenly unlocked itself and words gushed out, and I finished an entire book in fifteen days and had an abrupt need to advise you about this new series I'd started, and

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