Other Places to Find Good Books: Fiction Apps

This is Part Six of a series:

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Part 6: Fiction Apps
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Fiction Apps are applications that you download and install to your phone or tablet, or that you can read on your laptop or desktop, if you prefer, and if the app has a browser-based site.

I have no experience with fiction apps at all, but I know a lot of authors who distribute their books to fiction apps.

Fiction app owners have a history of offering very bad contracts to authors — they don’t pay well, and the contracts are rights grabs. Many authors have managed to negotiate their way into better contracts, or just don’t care about rights grabs, and sign anyway, because fiction apps are super popular with readers.

To install a fiction app, use your application installer on your device to search for the app, then download and install it as you would for other apps. You can also find the app download links on the site, if the app has one.

Once you’ve installed, open the app, and you have access to a lot of lovely fiction.

There are some nefarious apps out there that install a lot more than just stories onto your device. So do your research and check with other readers before installing a new app.

Here are four of the more reputable ones.


I’d love to know where the name comes from. I couldn’t find an answer to that question, though.

Radish have a website, to go along with their app. You’ll find them here. They are a successful romance fiction app, that also offers audiobooks. And the most popular of their fiction is super-steamy. You get most fiction in “bits” — roughly corresponding to chapters.

Some authors write and install a new chapter every week or day, releasing their story on Radish before compiling it into a full novel and releasing everywhere else.

Other authors work the other way around; they have already released their fiction on retail sites and then chunk it up and present it on Radish.

The app works on both IOS and Android, plus you can read on the site, via your browser. YOu can also download the app from the website.


iReader call themselves “a romantic storytelling platform for story lovers all over the globe.”

They also claim to have “countless” exclusive stories. You can certain explore for yourself. iReader is available on both IOS and Android.


Dreame has a website, from where you can download both IOS and Google apps, or log in and read your fiction in your browser. They appear to offer mostly romance and romantic stories.


Inkitt also has a site, here. Unlike the other three apps, Inkitt cater to more than romance. If you like to spread your reading diet across genres, you should check this one out.

Inkitt is available for IOS and Android, and both apps can be downloaded from the site.

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