Desmond Bagley

Gimme Tension

I’ve watched and read a lot of action thrillers in my time. One of my favourite action thriller writers was Desmond Bagley, and my favourite book of his was a spy thriller called Running Blind (which I highly recommend). I also really liked Alistair McLean’s action thrillers, but not quite as much. I also loved Peter O’Donnell’s […]

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What If…?

A great many authors start off their stories by asking themselves a very famous question. What if…? For example, the English author of action thrillers, Desmond Bagley, wrote his best seller, Running Blind, not because he wanted to write a spy thriller, but because he had spent his summer vacation in Iceland, and wanted to

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My Top 5 Most Influential Authors

I grew up without a television and in a tiny little wheatbelt town that didn’t have any kids my own age in it  — there were only five houses and the one other house that had kids, the kids were all boys. So I read.  A lot. Keeping this list to just five major influencers

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