Other Places to Find Good Books: Book Bundlers

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This is Part Eight of a series:

Part 1: Kobo
Part 2: Barnes & Noble, Google, Apple Books
Part 3: Ask an AI
Part 4: Smashwords
Part 5: Subscription Services
Part 6: Fiction Apps
Part 7: BookFunnel & StoryOrigin
Part 8: Book Bundlers
Part 9: Direct Sales

Book bundles are enormous fun. You get a stack of books for a price that is usually much less than you would pay if you bought each book individually.

Retailers will also bundle books — usually all the books in a series. Google Play and Amazon do this quite well. I bundle books on my store, too. But these are a little different from the bundles I’m talking about today. They usually are not discounted from the full retail. They’re just a convenient way to include all the books of a series or collection into your shopping basket — that doesn’t give you one hefty, parred-down file that clogs up your ereader.

The type of bundles I’m talking about today are a distinctly different way of finding good books. These bundles are not usually available on retail stores, but on their own sites, and that’s the only place where the bundles are available.


The bundles on Storybundle are only available for a short time.

Each bundle is usually put together by a well-known editor or author, who curates the bundle. They invite authors to provide books that fit the theme of the bundle.

You as a a reader can pay what you want for the bundle, with some limitations. Part of the revenue from the bundle goes to a charity, too.

There are not a huge number of bundles available at any one time (three is unusual).

I signed up for StoryBundles’ notification list, so I hear about new bundles when they first go up, as I don’t like to miss out. 🙂

HumbleBundle Books

HumbleBundle have a different way of bundling. They have far more bundles available at any one time, and don’t use guest curators.

They also offer a lot of game and software bundles. This influences their book bundles, which have a LitRPG and anime vibe (mostly). But they occasionally put up very interesting bundles, such as (at the moment) a knitting pattern bundle. So it’s worth subscribing to their blog or their newsletter to hear about new bundles.

Their bundles also are short-term.

The Book Bundle

This site is UK based, and they have a different approach to bundling. They offer bundles of series by well-known authors, and the bundles are not short-term.

There are a lot of official boxed sets on offer, but they also have collections of books by authors that have not been put into boxed sets.

The other factor that makes them different: They’re selling print bundles, not ebooks.

There are not many bundling services, which is a shame. I love buying bundles of books this way!


Scandalous Scions Box Four out soon!

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