Lest We Forget

Because I do a lot of historical research, I’m pretty familiar with the facts and consequences of World Word I, and the longer-term impacts of both World Wars.

But you don’t have to be a history buff to be aware that both wars are still the biggest, most destructive conflicts, with the highest casualties the world has ever seen.

I grew up honoring the military on Anzac Day — April 25th. Slowly, over the years I have been living in Canada, and have learned more about the World Wars, I’ve switched from Anzac Day to Remembrance Day. Anzac Day passes unnoticed in North America, for it honors only two countries’ contributions, and in particular, a single campaign (Gallipoli).

Remembrance Day was established to commemorate World War I in particular, but other than that, it is inclusive. It honors all countries, all military, and every victim. It is simple in its message; Let us not forget. It is both a reminder, and a warning.

The warning is even more important as time goes on, for there are very few people still alive who remember WWII, who have been scarred by the horror and would do anything to avoid repeating it. Soon, there will be no one left who experienced the world wars, and that existential drive toward peace will be gone.


Remembrance Day had its 100th anniversary a few years ago, and I marked the occasion by releasing a story based on that anniversary.

Time and Remembrance is part of the Kiss Across Time series, a vampire time travel paranormal series.

However, the story is completely standalone. You don’t have to know any of the characters or storylines in the series to enjoy it, even though it’s book 7.1 in the series.

Also, even though the series is somewhat steamy, there is nothing in this story that would raise hackles if you prefer your stories sweet.

I wrote it that way, so that everyone could read it.


A special story marking a moment in history…lest we forget.

On the one hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day, Jesse Hall, United States Marine and unsung hero, finds herself among a group of time-traveling vampires. She has been directed there by a century-old letter from her great-grandfather, instructing her to introduce herself with the phrase: “I’m not wearing a red shirt.”

So begins a dash through time to save a man in the very last minutes of the Great War, which in turn will save eight million other lives…

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