My Life/Working Notes – June 6, 2014

diaryOh, things are progressing so incredibly slow at the moment. The current book is so huge in scale – The Branded Rose Prophecy is BIG – which I’ve been told by at least one reader is good (and I was also told “about time”, too).

The first draft is underway after weeks of plotting and research.

Because of the scale, though, everything about it – plotting, research, even just keeping everything organized – takes at least twice as long. So it’s difficult to judge how I’m going with it. It doesn’t feel like I’m moving very fast, but I’ve read that this is the case with very big projects; the first 80% of the project takes forever, then the last 20% falls together in the blink of an eye.

So I’m looking forward to hitting that last 20%…or at least spotting it on the far horizon.

I’ll put a little flash excerpt from the book at the bottom of this post. Just a teaser. 🙂  There’s a larger one on the book’s page, too, if you haven’t tripped over it yet.


I’ve also been busy promoting the new cover for Forbidden, preparing for my son’s wedding, finishing up sewing projects (there’s always another one of those!), and working the day job.

Mark and I are also renovating the main floor of our house, ripping it down to the studs and building up again. Massive, massive project – another one that seems to be going at a crawl. Our thirty-five year old house has raised four kids, a menagerie of pets, and hasn’t had any serious maintenance or decorating in the last fifteen years, so it’s looking a bit battered. I’m dying to see what the finished results are like. They look fantastic in my imagination!

Here’s the flash excerpt:

Asher held his jaws together tightly until the urge to yell or pull his sword had passed. Then he spoke as evenly as he could. “I care about her.”

Roar shook his head. “You’re forgetting a basic tenet,” he growled. “We don’t get involved.”

“It’s our job to take care of them. How can we not care?”

“We care for them collectively, as they are the weakest race, but we do not care about them individually.” There was a deep furrow between his brows. Remembered pain. “We can’t afford to,” he finished bleakly.

The Branded Rose Prophecy





2 thoughts on “My Life/Working Notes – June 6, 2014”

  1. great teaser. I know you can do it. Seems like a mountain to climb, but once that summit is reached it’s all downhill from there. And to top it off you have so very much on your plate now too. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Sounds like your summer will be a very full one.

    My best,


    1. Tell me about it! I’m offloading priorities left right and centre right now — but the book is still top of the list. Sewing just behind it, renovations after that. They’re going to switch in and out over summer, but those are my three biggies.

      Sloth is for the wicked and all that…. 🙂


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