My life: Here’s what you can expect for the next little while.

Pippin, making sure I get all the words right. Pats on the knuckles when my attention strays away from him the keyboard.

It’s been a very long while since I did one of these “my life” catch-up posts.

I hadn’t noticed the omission until a reader who has been reading my books for almost as long as I’ve been publishing them (22 years, last March!) said she missed my chatty updates.

So here’s a chatty update.

I’ve been dropping hints and bits of news all over the place — emails, posts, Facebook posts — so some of this you might already know.

Our family was barely touched by COVID.

No one in my extended family caught it, not even my adult kids who work in retail, which is just plain dumb lucky.

But the two other people in my house were fired in February 2020 from their day jobs. So we all shrugged and became a publishing company — Stories Rule Press.

We’ve pretty much stayed home for two years straight, which helped us avoid catching COVID.

I had a few health issues that impacted my writing — you’ve heard about some of them; a wrenched neck during the winter and the resulting pinched nerve (that is twinging even as I write this), and most recently, a broken arm. I’m out of the cast now, and rehabilitating the arm back to full function primarily by using it. Yay! Back to my beloved keyboard!

That also means I’m heading back to full production on stories, too.

There was, however a casualty.

I did end up having to bump release dates ahead by one book. If you’re a Patreon subscriber, you will already have spotted this in the monthly production schedule newsletter.

But for the rest of this year and well into next year, I will not be starting any new series. Instead, I will be concentrating on finishing those series I’ve left in abeyance for too long.

That includes:

Adelaide Becket

The Endurance

Blood Stone

Destiny’s Trinities

The Endurance

Kiss Across Time

Once and Future Hearts

Project Kobra

Scandalous Family–The Victorians

If you’ve been following the Adelaide Becket series, you may be pleased (or not pleased — you tell me!) to know that the next story out will be a novel, not the novelette length I’ve written up until now. I’ll also be putting the first seven stories into a single volume, too.

I’ve just released and am about to release a second title in the Once and Future Hearts series, and everything else I’ll get to in its turn.

It’s been great to get back to the keyboard. I plan on writing up a storm.

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