Even more Fantasy Romance — Surprise!

Actually, it might not be a surprise for you, if you regularly buy some of the short-term romance anthologies that pop up and then are gone six months later or less.  If you happened to buy Myths and Magic last year, then you’ll know all about this novella, which was in it.

Touched by Maen Llia is a novella and part of the Once and Future Hearts series.  It’s a bonus story, and could be easily read as a standalone.  But if you’ve been following the series, then you’ll find it a nice little backgrounder/added interest story. 

The events in this story are mentioned in Vengeance of Arthur, too–and if you’ve already read that novel, then everything will come together with a click when you read Touched by Maen Llia.

Caught between magic and truth…

Catrin is a handmaiden to the old Queen of Dyfed, whose husband and king, Geraint, has died without an heir, leaving the kingdom ripe for plucking.  Yet Dyfed is the birthplace of King Arthur’s enchanter and adviser, Prince Merlin, who travels to the troubled kingdom to settle the question of who should be king.

Marcus Jorath is a newcomer to Camelot and wants only to serve King Arthur, whose peace has brought such a difference to the life and prospects of his family.  Yet he is assigned to travel with Merlin to the out-of-the-way kingdom of Dyfed instead.

When the Dyfed mage, Ianto, declares it is mid-summer’s day, the maids of the kingdom visit the Maen Llia to make a wish. Catrin disputes it is the solstice, for she can read and is learned in the ways of tracking seasons and more, but no one listens to her, and she is forced to visit Maen Llia with the other women.

Merlin’s company of armed men come across the women, and Marcus finds himself drawn to the fiery redheaded Catrin and her blunt, direct way of speaking and thinking about the world. Their attraction puts them in the path of Ianto, who is more than the kingsdom’s inadquate mage, and has plans of his own he will not let a mere slip of a girl interefere with…

This story is part of the historical fantasy romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

1.0 Born of No Man
2.0 Dragon Kin
3.0 Pendragon Rises

3.5 Once and Future Hearts Box One
4.0 War Duke of Britain
5.0 High King of Britain
6.0 Battle of Mount Badon

6.5 Once and Future Hearts Box Two
7.0 Abduction of Guenivere
8.0 Downfall of Cornwall

8.1 Touch by Maen Llia
9.0 Vengeance of Arthur
10.0 Grace of Lancelot
11.0 The Grail and Glory
12.0 Camlann

A Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance series

More amazing artwork from Dar Albert!!

Touched by Maen Llia is now available for pre-order everywhere.  And don’t forget that if you pre-order from me at Stories Rule Press, you get your copy a week earlier than everyone else.

Tell me what you think of the covers! Enjoy!