May the Fourth Be With You…

Star Wars is the reason I’m writing.  Han Solo’s infamous “I kHarrisonFordIShotFirstnow” is the reason I’m writing romance.  (For the full story, click here and also here.).

So it would be almost criminal for me to ignore Star Wars day.

I’m so looking forward to the new movie!  Han Solo is back!

And I tripped over this photo (right) on the Internet the other day.

It’s very much an uber-fan joke — if you get it, you can argue your opinion in comments.

My opinion?  Greedo didn’t shoot at all.  I saw the original edition of the movie multiple times (heading into the three digit range), and I know it backwards.  In the original edition Han shot the dude because he threatened to take his ship away from him.

It was only the later editions that added in digital images of Greedo taking a shot at Han first, in order to make it look a little more politically correct and make Han look more heroic.

Personally, I like the original version.  It matches his true character better — especially at the beginning of the movie before he got wrapped up in saving a princess….

Happy May 4th!

Han Solo



2 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You…”

  1. We need to make T-shirts that just say “Han shot. That is all.” possible subline for the back “Greedo didn’t touch his gun” or just “Han shot. Greedo died. One shot fired.”

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