In Transit

As you read this, I will be strapped into my seat and white knuckling my way through the first take-off of a marathon 38 hour milk-run series of flights to Perth, Western Australia.  For the first time since I landed in Canada on October 4, 1996, I’m heading back “home” for a visit — although Canada is as much home, if not more so, than Australia now.

In order to get the cheapest tickets possible, Mark and I had to suck in a smidgen over 26 hours of flight time sandwiched with 12 hours of layovers. We’re stopping in Seattle, L.A., Auckland, and Melbourne, before we finally hit Perth.  The L.A. — Auckland leg, thanks to the International Date Line, technically takes two days to complete!

We’ll be in Australia for all of May, and my Internet connection will be sketchy at best.  I’ll be roaming for public networks where I can, and uploading posts and photos of our travels.  We’re going to be travelling all over the south-west of the state and I’ll take lots of photos and write posts in advance.  In the odd times when I get a connection, I’ll post.

See you then.


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