Mark...and a really good book

We’re waiting for our flight to L.A.  We’ve been waiting for three hours and we’ll be waiting another 90 minutes yet to board, then another 30 minutes to take off.

That’s not our worst lay over yet, by far.

But the pain is certainly leavened by … free WIFI!!!!

I’ve been taking full advantage of it by catching up with email and bringing my site up to date (I got behind, the last few days).

I also cruised over to Amazon to check on my books and discovered that the print edition of Fatal Wild Child has reached Amazon now.  It takes a few days, but the page has been built and you can pop over and buy either the print or the ebook edition.  The print edition is $9.97.


Don’t know when I’ll be next on line.  I’ll take photos and build posts for when I am.  If all airports are like Seattle, I’ll be in clover.  Nine hours to wait in L.A….