I’m Back!

I’ve done a few “I’m back!” posts over the years.  This one has a particularly nice taste to it.  I thought I was going to lose my site.

After running it for ten years plus, I like blogging and putting stuff out there.  Then my domain host, who will remain nameless, decided not to notify me that my domain was up for renewal.  I woke up on July 15 to find that my domain had expired and my site had gone down as a result.

Also — even worse — no email.  I couldn’t even scream at people to find out how to fix things.

I’ve spent the last five days waiting for a cheque to slowly wend its way by Canada snail mail to the domain host in order to pay for the renewal.  About three hours ago, email came back up.  And about twenty minutes ago, the site came up.

I’m back!

Damn it’s good to be here…


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