IMG_1064Depending on who you ask, I have always been a princess, but last Saturday, I really was one for a night.  🙂

Mark and I invited everyone we knew to our place for a party to celebrate my quitting the day job to write full time.  We included my new Canadian citizenship just because that coincidentally happened the day before.

When I sent out the invitations, I told everyone I would be the one in the tiara, which I meant in a symbolic way, as in “I’m the one who will be the centre of attention for the night!” — which is a joke, really, because I’m a natural introvert and would rather sit on the fringes watching everyone else in the limelight, while I take mental notes and build stories around them.

Anyway, a friend took me literally, and arrived bearing champagne (the non-alcohol sort, as I’m allergic to alcohol), flowers…and a tiara.

So I was literally the one wearing the tiara for the night.

It was an interesting night.  I have always thought that all my writer friends and acquaintances were exclusively on-line — and most living in other countries, too.   But at one stage, there were five writers standing around my kitchen, and two editors.

Very surreal!