Odds and Ends — three books returning to full retail soon

Next Saturday, the 10th, three unrelated romances are shifting from their old pricing to the full retail price of $4.99. 

The first book is Varkan Rise, which is the second book in the SF romance series, Interspace Origins.  I can’t tell you why this book alone out of the series is still sitting at the old prices, but there you are.  It is.  The first book in the series is free, right now.  The last book, Cat and Company, is already at full retail.

Check Varkan Rise out here.

Book #2 is Vivian’s Return, which is part of the Go Get ’em Women collection.  The rest of the collection is already at full retail, so I’m not sure why this one lingered at the lower price, either.

Check out Vivan’s Return here.

And the last book is another I-don’t-know-what-happened one.  Beauty’s Beasts is book 2 of the steaming hot PNR series, The Stonebrood Saga, which features gargoyles and vampires and lots of hot encounters.  The rest of the series’ prices are correct, except for this one.   It will be raised to $4.99 next Saturday.

Check Beauty’s Beasts out here.


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