Tulip Field in Netherlands Image credits: Allard Schager Tulips are not my favourite flowers.  I prefer old style roses and peonies.  They seem prettier to me. But I am a sucker for colour, so this image is mindblowing.  This entire field is made up of small flowers. It's a silent statement of the size of

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Beautiful In Its Own Rugged Way

I grew up in wheatbelt territory in Western Australia.  It was flat countryside that, to me, was very boring.  Gum trees and spinifex, and tea trees everywhere.  The type of trees that grow in Western Australia are unique.  Show me a photo of a piece of countryside and I know it's Australia, because of the

My X Factor

On my newsletter*, recently, I explained why writing the second book in the Endurance series felt a lot like writing in a vacuum. I was almost in the same boat writing Promissory Note, but by then, I had committed myself to this series, so I sailed ahead without too much concern. Promissory Note has confirmed

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Uh-Oh…Now I’ve Done It.

I couldn't help myself.  I did it again. What, do you ask? I set a book in Canada.  In the Rockies.  Again. Can't help myself.  I have to break out every now and again and put in a bloody great rock or two as a backdrop. :) For those of you familiar with the Destiny's

A perfect swan song.

...at least, that's what one reader said on Amazon, about Cat and Company, the third and last (for now) book in the Interspace Origins series. Cat and Company was released last Thursday. Here's a peek for you: “Where are we going, again?” Catherine whispered, leaning toward Devlin so she could keep her voice down. Devlin

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VARKAN RISE – Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Now!

I'm having so much fun writing Science Fiction Romance - and now that Book 1 of the Interspace Origins series, Faring Soul, has won a SFR Galaxy Award, I'm even more enthusiastic! I was already nearly done with Book 2, Varkan Rise, when the award was announced, which makes this almost perfect timing! Varkan Rise

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Flash Fiction Snippet – January 11, 2016

I'm experimenting madly here, and you're my guinea pigs. Creativity is a lot like muscle tissue -- if you keep exercising it, it gets stronger. There's grounds to argue that writing full time keeps the creativity muscle plenty healthy, but for a long time now, I've been writing in the same six or so series. 

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Elysa Returns

I’m sure you’ll remember Elysa Hendricks. She was featured here on the blog a few weeks ago. Remember the great paranormal of hers: I wanted to squeeze in her paranormal book, but the blog schedule wouldn’t allow a full interview. But now I’ve had the chance to fillet Elysa properly. Elysa writes historicals, paranormals and

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Sassy Contemporaries

My guest author today is Kristina Knight. She is a former journalist and writes what she describes as “sassy contemporary romance novels”. She is also an Amazon Best Selling author. Kristina is very kindly offering one of her romances as a giveaway. See details below. Meet Kristina! _________ Who are your favourite authors? Gosh, there

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