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  1. Interesting… I love my Sony for the opposite of all the reasons you mentioned. Of course, I also only have a primitive cellphone that I only use when I leave town (about twice a year) and carry for emergencies (like an accident or flat tire). I don’t want people calling me when I’m “out”. I find a tablet awkward and difficult to manage physically unless there’s a table available. No doubt that’s the arthritis issue. I haven’t worn a watch in years because they die within an hour of the time I strap one on. And I have about three hundred books on my Sony (PLUS my own, of course) because I absolutely agree with you on that. And I confess I seldom buy anything over the Internet.

    Personally, I find the amount of personal information available “out there” very troubling. While I back all my work up religiously, none of it is stored on the interwebs. No doubt that’s my personal paranoia. And I agree with your assessment that people will increasingly use their electronics in very personal ways. Very interesting post!

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