Why I Didn’t Eat Supper Last Week. Or Post.

Mark "Mr. Intensity" receives his award for Edmonton Pro Wrestler of the Year from Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel

It’s been a week since I posted.  Wow…how did that happen?

Well, I know how it happened — now.  Hindsight is a beautiful thing.  😉

I usually do a week’s worth of posts on the weekend, and last weekend I didn’t get them written because I spent the weekend rushing around covering a lot of other stuff, as it was Mark’s first weekend back from Vegas after a week-long conference.

Plus I was getting ready for an unusually intense front end of this week, that included most of our family presenting ourself at city hall, because Mark was being presented with an award from the Mayor, for wrestler of the year.  Straight after the award ceremony Mark took off on another road trip and I went back to work…and that was the end of my functional week, really.

Mark’s life is getting to be more and more on the road.  And unlike truckers wives and military wives, who often marry into the lifestyle, I haven’t yet made the mental adjustment to being single and independent inside the marriage.  So when Mark goes away, my life basically grinds to a halt.

Up until now, it hasn’t really been an issue, because the road trips weren’t that often, or that long.  This week, I suddenly realized that with Mark being away for 20 days out of May, things can’t go on this way.  I didn’t eat supper the entire time he was gone, except for one night when son #2 decided he would be home for supper, so I cooked for him.  Supper was the top of a long list of things I didn’t bother doing, including getting my blog posts done.

So I spent a lot of time reading around on various truckers’ and military wives’ sites and blogs (there doesn’t seem to be a support group for pro wrestlers’ wives!) and had my mind and eyes opened.  So while I would have mentally castrated myself for not getting the posts done last week, I now know that yes, I was being an idiot and no, it’s not unusual at all.  It’s very common, apparently.

Mark heads back out on the road tomorrow.

I plan on cleaning my house.

And blogging. 😉

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