What I’m Reading – January 18th, 2015

It’s January, that classic month of deprivation and do-over, when we all try to recover from a month of horrid over-indulgence and excess.

Given that, it’s probably no surprise that all my reading this month is health focused.

guide to meditationAn Easy Guide to Meditation

Amazon Link

Surprise! It’s not a diet book. J

This year I’m looking at all aspects of health. This is a good place to start.

It’s only 25 pages long…and it’s free.


I quit sugarI Quit Sugar

Amazon Link.

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and articles discussing new research about the truly toxic poison that is sugar – in all it’s forms, including lactose (milk), sucrose (table sugar), complex and starchy carbs (which break down into glucose), and fructose (fruit).

Did you know that they’re starting to call Alzheimer’s Disease “diabetes type 3”? There’s growing evidence that the inflammation that occurs from excess sugar is the root cause.

That right there is enough to make you want to quit sugar on the spot. But if you’re addicted like I am, it’s a bit of a challenge….


keto adaptedKeto Adapted

Amazon Link

Following along the same reasoning, cutting carbs down to minimal and increasing good fats to compensate provides, according to Keto Adapted, a huge swathe of side-benefits; relief from a variety of health issues like epilepsy, acid reflux, insomnia, brain fog, even diabetes (both 1 and 2), and much more.

Massive fat loss seems to be a happy side benefit.

I’m in.


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