Tarot Spread for Readers

I play around with Tarot cards and have ever since Mark introduced me to them. They’re interesting – I’ve written about the Tarot before, and I also featured them in The Branded Rose Prophecy.

Frank Herbert, the author of the amazing Dune series, also featured tarot cards. His futuristic version was called the Dune Tarot, that when used by amateurs and experts alike tended to muddy the future for anyone who could see it. It’s an interesting theory based on self-fulfilling prophecy – that is, if you get told the future, you’ll try to change it, thus screwing with the future for anyone else trying to read it.

But the Tarot are interesting all by themselves. There’s hundreds of way to ask the Tarot questions, to read your future, or to consult them on anything that is on your mind.

I invented a layout just for you, as readers. As it’s the new year, I thought you might like to know what the year ahead holds for you

I’m going to draw three cards. Here’s what the three will indicate:


Books you will read in 2015.

How they will make you feel.

How they will influence your life.

So…ready?  Here’s the three cards.

six wands reversed

two wands

six cups reversed


This is very interesting. To begin with, there are two wand cards in the spread. Wands are generally associated with work, while reading is generally associated with pleasure/entertainment. It’s possible your year will feature a lot more work than reading, and a lot of reading for education and work purposes, instead of the fun stuff you’d prefer.

The one cup card is also reversed, and cups are generally and loosely associated with pleasure, feasting, family, etc., which seems to support the idea that it might be a dry year for pleasure reading.

Let’s see what the specific cards say.

Books you will read in 2015

six wands reversedWork or your vocation of choice will get in the way of your reading this year. You may suffer a fall from grace, or other energy sapping backstep that requires your attention and spare time.

Your reading will roam around the genres; because your career is taking centre stage, you can’t settle into any one genre, book or series. You’ll bounce all over the place, sampling, subconsciously hoping your reading will provide something that you’re not even aware you’re missing – a feeling, a sense of satisfaction, or answers.

But when you do find the books, author or series, you will feel that finally your long patience has been rewarded.

How they will make you feel.

two wandsAffirmative. Strong. Action oriented. The books you read will help you figure out your own life (it’s funny how often fiction provides answers the best how-to’s in the world miss, huh?). You’ll find yourself planning and progressing. You’ll make lots of discoveries along the way, and the more you genre-hop and experiment, the more these new worlds and new experiences energize you.

In a word, you’ll feel hopeful.

How they will influence your life.

six cups reversedThe Six of Cups suggests pleansant memories, nostalgia and simple happiness, or even joy. The books you read this year will move you to acts of kindness and charity. You’ll be more open to sharing your feelings, your abundance. You’ll feel far more positive and well-intentioned, which will drive everything you do.


It starts off as a bleak outlook, but it ends up in a very nice place. Perhaps if your reading is bleak, it will move you to make your real life much more positive.


I drew the cards by using a random tarot spread generator, that you can find here: http://www.tarotlore.com/tarot-reading/freestyle/ Try your own spread!

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