The Holiday Season is here.

Glowing Christmas Tree in SnowI’ve quit the day job…and now my Mum is arriving from Australia today, for a whole month.

This is her first white Christmas.  It will be the first time she’s experienced a cold below 10C or so, her first time to see snow, Christmas lights on every house, and to walk out onto a frozen pond and see reeds below her feet.

There will be a lot of firsts.

My writing production will gear down a little bit while she’s here, as we’re planning on doing a lot of things, including checking out the real, actual 800 year old Magna Carta that is visiting Edmonton right now.

Or, another way to look at it is that my production schedule is going to kick up a notch, because in the last few weeks at the day job, I got absolutely nothing done.  🙂

But I am going to enjoy introducing my mother to white, cold Christmases.  If you’ve always lived in the northern hemisphere, you may understand the difference intellectually, but as I discovered when I moved to Canada:  watching all the movies and TV shows about snow and eggnog (oh, I luvs me some eggnog) doesn’t match the reality in the slightest.

As I write this post, they’re forecasting snow for Monday and Tuesday, which means she’ll see snow fall as soon as she arrives.


Hope your holiday season is shaping up as well!



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