Happy Valentine’s?

I hesitated to write this post.  On the one hand, Valentine’s Day is the epitome of marketing perfection.  It wouldn’t be a day, if a bunch of marketers hadn’t pushed it in the first place, and marketers ever since haven’t leapt on it as the perfect excuse to push everything from card and roses to socks. […]

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Valentine Hot And Steamy Reads Giveaway

Valentine Hot And Steamy Reads Giveaway Lots of spicy romances in all the subgenres are being given away on BookFunnel, through February.As usual, I’ll give you a heads-up just before the giveaway ends, as well, but remember that some authors are in the habit of pulling their books well before the end of the giveaway.

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Happy Valentines Day

This should probably be considered the national day for romance readers.  It features two of the crucial ingredients any self-respecting romance lover considers essential:  love and chocolate. Which reminds me of the first and original RomantiCon convention I went to.  There was a chocolate smorgasboard (yes, you read that right). One buffet of chocolate and

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