The Mother Road No Longer a Highway

On this day in 1985, Route 66 was officially removed from the US State Highway System, when it was finally and completely by-passed by the Interstate system. Route 66 is probably one of the most famous routes in the United States and has been featured in fiction and the movies, including the animated movie Cars.

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May You Live In Interesting Times

  May You Live In Interesting Times You may not like vampires in your fiction because of the blood sucking and the biting…and well, you may just simply be sick of them.  They’re everywhere in romance these days, and they’re endlessly sexy and often omnipotent. But I continue to write about them because of their

Watching History Unfold

Watching History Unfold Vampires get to watch history go by.  Just because they live for decades and centuries, they witness the unfolding of human affairs and can observe the changing of society over time.  There is a lot about a vampire’s life that would be utterly miserable, including watching humans you love wither and die

Today I’m at Bitten By Paranormal Romance – Last Stop On The Blog Tour.

Stop #8 and final stop of the Bannockburn Binding book tour. Today I'm at Bitten By Paranormal Romance.  And yes, I'm still talking about history.  But I'm also talking about vampires, time travel, tourism and some really cool vacation spots. Swing by for an excerpt that hasn't been seen anywhere else and drop a line

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